Development History

QAHE was officially established in 2006, though the history of it’s making dates years before it’s establishment.

After the hydropower Act 1992. It was formally brought to motion in 2000 AD with the construction of Chaku Khola Hydro-Power Project (1500 KW).

With the completion of Chaku in 2005, they company had better understanding of it’s market in Nepal.

In 2005, company was awarded tender for Pheme Khola, Phidim Khola and  Lower Phidim Khola.

In 2006, company was awarded tender for Thopal Khola

In 2007, company was awarded tender for Heldung Khola (NEA), Ridi Khola, Seti-II Khola.

In 2008, it went forward acquiring Hewa Khola, Heldung Khola, Gamgad Khola, Bijaypur.

In 2009, Ankhu Khola, Shriping Khola, Jiri Khola, Siuri Khola.

From 2010-2012, company not only has established itself has the largest supplier of EM-equipment but expanded towards Hydro-mechanical along side. Mardi Khola, Upper Chaku ‘A’, Khani Khola, Puwa Khola, Middle Chaku, Lower Chaku and Upgrading of Existing Chaku to 3000 KW.

In 2013-2014, the company was awarded tender for Chotte Khola, Small Khani Khola, Tungun Thosne Khola. It established a repair and maintenance center within the border of the country.

In 2015-2016, the company has been awarded tender for Midhim Khola. The company has focused it’s resources towards the repair and maintenance of hydropower projects after the devastating earthquake in April 2015. The company is involved in repair and reimbursement of Hewa Khola, Chotte Khola and Shipring Khola at present.