Introduction to QAHE

Qiankang Allonward Hydro-Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2005 under the law of The Government of Nepal for business in Nepal and India. The company was formed after the Hydropower Development Policy 2001, Electricity Act 1992 and water Resources Act 1992 which empowered private Sectors involvement in hydropower.  It was established to bridge the gap between the supplies of Electro-Mechanical equipment needed for the development of Hydro-Power
projects in Nepal. QAHE identifies, develops and invests in hydropower. The company has developed into a supplier of complete set hydroelectric equipment.


The company not only  can supply various types of hydro generator units with 0.42-7m in turbine runner diameter and 125-50000kW in unit capacity, such as Tubular type, Axial type, Francis type, Inclined jet type and Impulse type ones, and auxiliary equipment (s) but is the only company which provides a deeper attention to after sales services. The company lays much emphasis on skilled workmen from domestic and international enterprises, who run their repair and maintenance work-shop in the boundaries of the country. This work-shop has tremendously cut the conveyance time and helped our projects run smoother and efficient.It has formed the quality control system in the whole course from contract
evaluation to product design, purchase of material, outsourcing, packing, conveyance, installation and after services. Products and craft are designed by software’s of CAD and CAPP. Critical components are calculated by finite element method. Manufacturing process strictly complies with relevant technology and international standard. The company is also equipped with inspection and testing department.


In short years of its operation, QAHE has successfully completed the design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of 19 Hydropower projects in Nepal, and 5 of its projects are under installation. It aims at developing
environment-protecting energy resources and improving living conditions. Our management ideal is “Honesty, Creativity and Enlightenment”. We are endeavoring for a brighter prospect with old and new clients and friends from all grounds.